Best Windows 10 tricks Tweak, I Bet You Don’t Know

best windows 10 tricks and tips:You’re doing fine with the newly installed Windows 10 on your PCs and laptops and you love its features, right? Well everybody does. You have known quite many features of Windows 10 so far yet you just need some additional functions on your Windows 10 because you want to know your systems personally and get access to all features.

Well that’s normal and you can do it easily. And as of today, we have brought you some great tricks that your probably didn’t know your windows 10 could do. These features maybe known to some of the users but not everybody. So let’s start and tell you what awesome things you can do with your Windows 10 tweak.

windows 10 tricks and tweaks


windows 10 tricks and hacks 2016

1) Customize your Start Menu

Okay so you’re necessarily excited for the return of Start Menu to Windows 10 tips, right? You can access get access to Live Tiles. So, by pulling in the tiled user interface from Windows’ tablet mode means you get to access Live Tiles all without exiting the desktop mode. You just need to hover the mouse cursor over a tile and right click on your mouse or the right side of your touchpad and you’ll see options to resize tiles to make them smaller or even wider.

2) Create a virtual desktop

You want this feature, right? You might know that Mac OS X users have the ability to have multiple desktops running concurrently is now included in Windows 10.

To set up, tap or click on the small icon or press Windows key + Tab to the right of the Cortana search bar and this will bring up all of the your open windows. If you scan your eyes to the bottom right hand corner you should see the option to ‘+ New desktop’.

3) Access All Your Apps in the Start Menu

The best thing about having the Start menu back is the ability to access all your apps from it. Just click the “All apps” option to see them in an alphabetical list.

4) Get more out of Cortona

Microsoft’s intelligent assistant, Cortona listens out for your voice so you can quickly go into a search but by default it will respond to anyne who shouts out ‘Hey Cortana’. You can set it up to only recognise your normal tones though. For that, just click the Cortana box, head into the Settings page and toggle the ‘Respond Best To Me’ slider.

5) Get updates faster.

Who doesn’t love to keep his system updated to the latest version of operating system, right? Well you can do it manually. To ensure your updates are always downloaded quickly and efficiently, you can utilise peer-to-peer tech (P2P). Tap on Advanced Options and then choose how updates are delivered and select Updates from more than one place to ‘on’ and after that, you need to see below for how to ensure P2P updates don’t utilize up all your bandwidth.

Final Words

These were some basic tricks that you can try in your Windows 10 tricks tweak and they’re totally secure and you don’t need any custom adjustments in your system to get access to these features.