eScan Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 Bit Free Download

The first thing you should think about after buying your computers or laptops is how to protect them.It doesn’t matter what brand computer system you buy, you are always vulnerable to the threats of malware and viruses. So to protect your computer systems from all these problems, you need to install an antivirus program that not only secures your system completely, but also looks after each and every activity from the external data and monitor every issue thoroughly.You never want your personal data or collections to leak away to anybody or get lost completely. So for that, an antivirus is a must thing for you.

One such Antivirus that protectors your computer from all harms is the eScan Antivirus for Windows 10 which supports both, the 32-bit as well as the 64-bit systems. eScan is the best Antivirus when it comes to give you protection against the malicious content, security threats, viruses, adware, spyware, Phishing, Keyloggers etc.

The eScan features a real-time scanning of your computers which ensures complete security of your system including your emails to which it doesn’t allow spam and features a firewall to block any unauthorized access to your computer. Not only this, but the Antivirus also scans the attachments that are sent into the emails you receive and it ensures that the emails are malware free. This is because the attachments contain high risks of viruses than the emails themselves.

scan and clean with escan

The features of the eScan are a bit lavish but still it consumes less amount of RAM.eScan AntiVirus is a comprehensive virus protection solution to protect personal computers from all sort of threats.The antivirus also features a smart scan as well as the full system scan. The smart scanning feature of this Antivirus will consume very less account of your memory, increasing the performance of your computer accordingly. This feature will be appreciated by users only when they install and try this antivirus.

Sometimes if you have to make a system scan but also run your favorite game, you can turn on its gaming mode which will perform the system scan in the background, thus giving you a smooth and a comfortable experience of the games you are playing.

The interface of this Antivirus is user friendly and moreover, the installation of eScan is more easier on Windows 10.Just a few clicks and you’re set. The antivirus also gets updates which can be downloaded right away any time with a single click and are easy to install. However it is recommended that you perform a full system scan of your Windows 10 after updating to the latest version of eScan.

escan antivirus download free full version 2016

Another important feature of this antivirus is that it provides protection over your USB drives. Many times, all of your personal data can get stolen by a USB drive that you insert in your computer. It can prove very dangerous for your personal profiles and documents. But if you have eScan installed in your system, you don’t need to worry for threats like these. eScan automatically detects any malware in your USB drive and displays it before the user so that he can further remove it.

esacn antivirus

The eScan antivirus also comes with an Auto Backup and Restore feature which automatically backs up your personal files and folders and store them so that you do not lose any important or critical data if any malware attacks or your system crashes.

Features of eScan Antivirus in brief

  • Easy to use- The antivirus is not only easy to install, but also has a great interface which makes every process comfortable for the user.
  • Scan your e-mails- The eScan automatically scans your incoming and outgoing mails and attachments for any malware or virus and removes that completely.
  • Switch modes- The eScan also allows you to switch modes for enhanced protection.
  • Background scanning- This feature allows you to play your games or run applications smoothly even though the Antivirus is performing a full system scan.
  • Create Rescue disk- In case of emergencies, this antivirus can also allow you to create a rescue disk to recover your data and prevent it from getting deleted.
  • Block attachments– It also allows you to block certain attachments which you may consider as spam.

Final Words

The features of this antivirus stand on top and outsmart other antivirus programs. If you want complete protection you your Windows 10, you can download and install it in your computer systems.