How to install Windows 10 on Mac without Bootcamp

Installing Windows 10 could be pretty much convenient for most of the desktop and laptop, and just like that, you can buy an original DVD of the Windows 10 and easily install it.

But what if you want to install Windows 10 on your Mac and that too without Bootcamp? Do you know how to do it? Well if not, let’s tell you how to install Windows 10 on Mac without Bootcamp. But firstly, let’s tell you that if you want to install Windows 10 on Mac OS, there are two ways. First using boot camp and without boot camp. So today, we will be telling you how to install Windows 10 without you can also check out how to Fix Error 0x803F7001 in Windows 10

How to Install Windows 7, 8, or 10 on a Mac Using Boot Camp


  • It only supports a drive with a single partition.
  • It often throws very obscure error messages with limited detail.
  • It re-downloads 1.6 GB Windows drivers every single time it runs. These are placed under

/Library/Application Support/BootCamp/WindowsSupport.dmg

and deleted and re-downloaded each time Boot Camp Assistant starts processing.


  • Once you have created a bootable USB flash drive for Windows then download the “Boot Camp driver” for Windows. For the first time when you install Windows on Mac so the “Internet, sound, graphics, and other drivers is disabled” and they are not working. Apparently, you have to download it, after installation of Windows 10 and not only today but you also have to install the drivers using boot camp.
  • Now that you have a bootable USB flash drive insert it to the laptop USB port. Restart your device then press and hold the “Option Key” from the keyboard. You have to go on and continuously keep holding the option key until you see the USB flash drive and Mac hard disk.
  • Press and Hold the Option Key
  • After holding the option key a screen will be shown to you. Choose the USB flash drive and press the enter button.
  • Choose USB Flash Drive
  • After these steps, it really becomes very easy and simple just if you know the Windows 10 Installation and above all, this is going to work very easily. Now all you have to do is choose the Language and click on the “Next” button.
  • Choose Language and Keyboard
  • Click “Install Now“.
  • After all the steps mentioned above, check the box “I Accept the license Terms”. Click on “Next” button.
  • Clean Installation of Windows 10 on Mac
  • Format the drivers
  • After formatting the drivers, your computer will restart for several times and don’t worry about it. After restarting your computer for several times, you will see the screenshot below. Here you will be asked to enter the Windows 10 product key. If you have purchased this operating system so just enter the product key. Otherwise, choose “Do this later“.
  • Skip Windows 10 Product Key
  • Use Express Settings
  • Create User Account

Have some snacks, you’re done!

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Simplified rundown:

  1. Force Bootcamp to create a bootable disk
  2. Create a custom virtual machine with VMware (the trial version is sufficient)
  3. Modify the virtual machine and install Windows onto the Bootcamp partition
  4. Delete all the files and copy them, from the USB key
  5. Boot into the Bootcamp partition using rEFInd and Install Windows normally
  6. Curse Apple a little bit for making this so difficult