Kaspersky For Windows 10 Free Download 32/64 Bit Version

We have laptops and computers for doing all the work that we have in our lives.We store many documents, presentations, files, movies,images,games and everything in our computers and keep them confined only to ourselves by securing our systems with passwords so that no one can sneak into our sensitive information.

But is that all? Can you tell that your computers are totally secured by just keeping a password? Apparently, no! By just keeping a password does not do the job for you. You will need something else to keep your sensitive and personal information from leaking out. And it is the virus and malware that harms all of your personal data from being stolen.

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We are daily threatened by different types of malware and trojan and to keep our computer systems safe, we need to install an Antivirus program into it. And what could be more better than an antivirus program which detects malware automatically and pulls it to you?

kaspersky antivirus for windows 10One such Antivirus program is the Kaspersky Antivirus which provides you security for your Windows 10 32/64 bit systems, both online as well as offline.The best part about kaspersky is that even if it is scanning your entire PC, still it won’t slow down any process that you are running.

We do most of our activities over the internet and there is a high risk that you might be running a virus into the files that you download into your computer. Also, the thing everybody dislikes is that annoying ads pop-up every now and then, which makes it impossible to access our favorite sites comfortably. So what should you do? Stop visiting your favorite sites? NO! The best alternative is to install Kaspersky Antivirus. It not only scans the sites you visit for malware, but also removes all annoying pop-ups and prevents your data from getting leaked.

What happens is that social networking sites, advertising agencies or analytical agencies collect data and statistics about the user’s locations, search history and they can receive your browsing history via a browser. After collecting, they sort out your personal tastes and start displaying annoying ads and offers or send promotional emails that you never want. Kaspersky protects your computer from all these types of malware.

Kaspersky comes with a feature of Private Browsing where it doesn’t let any app track your personal details. Actually it guarantees that data will not leave your device. It can not only prevent sites from storing your passwords, but can also ensure that you don’t run into a site that contains malware or any other such program that will harm your computer system.

The Kaspersky Antivirus also comes with an important feature called the ‘Key Logger.‘ We’ll tell you how it works. Actually when you go to a site to make an online transaction or to withdraw money or deposit money via entering your passwords, there is a high risk that your server might leak the details somewhere else, thus encouraging a high risk of your personal data or passwords being leaked or misused.But the Key Logger from Kaspersky doesn’t let this happen at all. Kaspersky provides you with a virtual keyboard that you can use to enter your credit/debit card details or other passwords and it will never be tracked by any site. Not only this, but you can even store your personal details with Kaspersky which protects it completely.

For Windows 10, the Kaspersky also comes with a privacy cleaner tool which safeguards your privacy in a better way. It can be used to remove all traces of user activity or the browser history or the documents that you have opened.

Also, the Kaspersky comes with a Safe Money feature that ensures secured banking transactions. This feature can also be used to check if a shopping or payment website is secured and you’re not being tricked by a phishing page. After the test it opens the website in a special, protected mode.

So these were the features of Kaspersky antivirus for your Windows 10. If you too want a clean and a total protected computer system running Windows 10, you are recommended to use Kaspersky.