Best movie apps for Windows Phones:Now watch movies online

Well many among us may be fond of movies and other TV shows which are featured and released every now and then but we just can’t afford to watch them always in the cinemas. So who not to try for Best movie apps for Windows Phones?

Many people out there many not be using Android or iOS devices but may have Windows phones. Well it may be great but the thing is that you may still face issues in downloading the movies of your choice because much attention isn’t paid to the Windows 10 phones’ platform.

There are lots of apps for Android which gives you the authority to watch movies and TV Shows online. Watching movies and TV shows on your smartphone is very handy and convenient as you don’t have to go where your TV is you just have to be where you are comfortable and watch a movie on your Android Smartphone but if you are a Windows user, you still don’t need to worry because we have brought you the list of best movie apps for Windows 10.

Apps for downloading movies on windows phone

  1. CinemaBox

This app is the same as the other well known app, the Showbox but the user interface is slightly better on Showbox. Still, you can get high-quality audio and video movies to stream and you can watch movies and TV shows offline by downloading it. You can Chromecast your Cinema box contents via Google Chromecast and this means that you will be able towatch Movies cartoon hd and TV shows on a bigger screen. We recommend you to try this app for sure over your Windows Phones.

  1. Movie Reminder

Movie Reminder is the perfect app and streaming place for movie lovers. The app will help you remember the movies you want to see by keeping a watch list of movies coming out, movies that will come out or already released movies which you can watch easily. This app alerts you when a movie goes out and by this, you do not miss a movie you want to see and watch for free.

  1. Movie Showtime

This application is made for movie lovers who just love to watch movies and don’t want to miss anything or any movie. This app will offer a list of movies in major theaters near you and this app will also show you the IMDB  rating.

  1. Newest Movies HD

This app is something that you will love as it is both, great and is quite popular on Windows Phones. Newest Movies HD updates its contents regularly so that you can be the first to watch new movies and another thing Newest Movies HD provides is the cartoon materials that kids will enjoy. So if your children don’t like the cartoons over TV, make sure to show them this.

  1. Megabox HD

This app is one of the latest free movie apps to watch movies online as it is sure in this competition because it gives you lots of contents. Megabox HD has lots of contents including movies, anime and TV shows in the high quality. Also, favorite movies and TV shows can also be found in Megabox HD which is available for free to watch and is even compatible with your Windows Phones.