Norton Antivirus for Windows 10 Laptop,PC Free Download

Our computers have a high priority in our lives and thus, choosing the safest potential software and hardware always remains our priority. We run many scans daily to check if our computer is safe or not, and for that, many antivirus programs are available.

You too might have heard a lot about Norton antivirus for windows 10, as we are potentially discussing that today along with how to download norton for windows 10.

Our PCs and laptops, for sure, have a high risk of getting infected from all the files which we download and browse on the internet, which risks our privacy as well as leads to data loss.Also check out Best Windows 10 tricks Tweak, I Bet You Don’t Know

Thus, we will be discussing download norton for windows 10 free today and will be discussing some important things regarding the antivirus.

free download norton antivirus for windows 10

Norton Antivirus comes with a lot of features which you will love and you would want to install it on your Windows 10, like:

Run Full System Scans

When it comes to scanning your PC, there is no better component than Norton for windows 10 as it enables you to scan your whole PC along with any drive which has been externally used. Along with that, this antivirus allows you to clean every threat that it finds and you can even set the default action to “Delete”, which removes every infected file from your PC and thus, makes your PC more secure to use.

The norton antivirus for windows 10 free will also analyze all the files in your PC and you will be able to detect and check all the files which have been infected along with other Trojans, viruses, worms and malicious files. Overall, this type of security is the best and you won’t find any issues with the scanning of norton antivirus. Moreover, if you insert any external storage or pen drive, you can easily scan it for malware before even opening it, which ensures that it doesn’t harm your PC.

Internet Security

Most of the times, when you are browsing the internet and the different websites which you want to visit and love to visit, you may also want to download some files, but what happens most of the times is that the said files are potentially unsafe for your PCs and you just aren’t able to run them as they are viruses or other harmful components. And for that, you may want to install Norton Antivirus as it easily scans all the downloading files on your Windows 10 and without even running them, it tells you if the file is safe or not. If you just want to be double sure, you can turn on the strict mode which doesn’t even allow the downloading of the file which it finds infected. That way, your PC and data, both are saved in the most reliable and safest way.

Clean and brilliant UI

Most of the antiviruses which I have personally used, I found one major issue in them and that was the UI. Every antivirus that I installed, either the UI was bad, or it was too tough to navigate to every part of the antivirus. But how norton handles these kinds of things, you will love it. The norton antivirus comes with a simple and a brilliant UI which enables you to navigate to each resource easily and you can easily sort out your favorite menus and settings. Most of the people sometimes would want to turn off their antivirus for some purposes or installing a file which they already know about and just are stuck in finding the off button or turning off the settings. With Norton, you won’t face these issues as you can easily turn on or off the settings and even the antivirus.Must check out AndyRoid Download for Windows 10 Free Download

Advanced defense system

I have seen many people complaining about this fact that even though they have added extra layers of security via their antivirus on their PCs, still they are being redirected to all those malicious pages and ads appear anywhere. Well, you too might be worried about this cause, but let us tell you that norton for windows 10 is free from all these issues and you can easily scan your internet log for any threat files. Moreover, why many people choose norton is that it also analyzes your facebook wall which, of course, protects your account from any phishing pages and you can easily protect your important data. There are also extra layers of security in Norton antivirus which allows you to scan every email that you get in your mail box and you are able to scan every attachment in your mail box in order to verify that it is completely safe and clean to open and use. Norton also protects you from spammers and those spam emails which you are getting and are banging your notification bar every now and then.


Now for many of the operating systems, Norton antivirus is available to download for free and you can download it on your Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and above all, on Windows 10 too. The best part is that you can get the trial version to download easily and not only is it available for free on its main website, but also the subscription costs have been reduced which will save you a good amount of money and the offers that you get are also the best.


So, go on and enjoy the norton antivirus for windows 10 as it is available across the internet and you can even download norton internet security for your PCs as well as for your laptops. I personally recommend it and want you to purchase it as well. Also, the norton antivirus comes with a simple and a brilliant UI which enables you to navigate to each resource easily and you can easily sort out your favorite menus and settings which is my personal favorite as most of the times, I wasn’t able to access many of the features of my previous antivirus.