QuickHeal Antivirus for Windows 10 Free Download

Our PCs and laptops are undoubtedly one of the most essential commodities in our daily life and if you too are quite dependent on your laptops and PCs, then there is no need of mentioning how important it is to secure your laptop and PC from all those potentially unsafe components which we see in our laptops. So, for this purpose, we have the Quick Heal antivirus for Windows 10.

The reason we are discussing the Quick Heal antivirus for windows 10 download today is that it is truly a very versatile antivirus which all the professionals love to use and install on their computers and laptops.You yourself might just be in doubts yet, but let us use this post to give you the full features of quick heal for windows 10.You can also check out the best antivirus for windows 10 if quick heal is not your choice.

Quick Heal Antivirus for windows 10


Well, this feature is something which only a few of the antiviruses would have in this category of Windows 10. Most of the people prefer such an antivirus which not only is the best one, but also would allow you to scan your whole system rather than a single drive.In case after the installation if you feel you laptop or pc lagging then you can check out here the how to speed up windows 10 pc.Here also see how to install windows 10 using usb drive.

I have myself seen that most of the antiviruses just allow you to scan a particular disk, like Local Disk C only without even scanning the other partitions.

This is totally unacceptable. If you would want to run a full system scan where you get to check each and every file of every drive fully for viruses, then I suggest going for the QuickHeal antivirus rather than any other. Professionally, this is one great antivirus for Windows 10 which you have been running in your PCs and laptops.


From my personal experiences, whenever a friend of mine is having an issue of malware in his computer system, the reason most of the times are the non-scanned CD-Drives or pen drives which they insert into their PCs without even thinking twice and open it carelessly.
Well, here I again suggest you to go for QuickHeal antivirus as it fully scans all the removable hard drives from your PC along with all the CD-Drives that you insert and the pen drives which you aren’t sure are safe to use or not. Whenever you insert a removable drive in your computer system, just make sure that you scan its components fully before even opening it.

Doing this reduces the risk of harmful files and you further don’t need to worry about any harmful components from the removable drive. One of the most dangerous virus which we see, the Shortcut virus, is also eradicated by Quick Heal in no time.


Most of the people face this menace of those malicious ads and links on all the websites that we use without any trust certificate. Well, it is true as everybody witnesses it and even all many browsers now come with an Adblock feature, still some ads just show up and ruin our browsing experience.
To cure this, QuickHeal comes at your disposal and provides you with the ultimately powerful adblocker which you can run on all the websites which you use and easily turn away the menace of all the ads which appear on your computer screen. Just turn it on and you will see that there won’t be any ads around on the websites you surf. So, go ahead and switch to QuickHeal for Windows 10.


I myself have seen that most of the times, when you are browsing the internet, for sure you would also want to download some files in your daily life, but what happens most of the times is that the said files are potentially unsafe for your PCs and you just aren’t able to run them as they are viruses or other harmful components. And for that, you should just install the Quick Heal Antivirus as it easily scans all the downloading files on your Windows 10 and it does that without even opening them and tells you if the file is safe or not. If you just want to be double sure, you can turn on the strict mode which doesn’t even allow the downloading of the file which it finds infected.
But not only is this method applicable online but offline as well. You can just find a great security to all your files easily that are there on your systems. I have mentioned this in the first point that if you want to check each and every file of every drive fully for viruses, then I suggest going for the QuickHeal antivirus rather than any other as this is one great antivirus for Windows 10 which all tech sensitive people use on their PCs and laptops.


Comes the last part of this series and yet the most important part. The Quick Heal security is totally affordable and you can use it on a trial basis for a week or so and download it from the official website. However, if you already have fallen in love with this antivirus, then I recommend you buying the one year plan which includes full internet security and all the features that I have mentioned above including a few extra ones.

So, if you are just willing to go for a good security change in your PC, then just download the Quick Heal for windows 10 right away. You can download it on your Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and above all, on Windows 10 too.