Why upgrade to windows 10 Benefits

Windows 10 is formerly the boss of all the operating systems that we use and even though I myself loved Windows 7, but Windows 10 made me change my opinions. However, the fact that prevails is that Windows 10 still continues to be the best operating system. But why? To dig more about this, let us take some time and read the best reasons to upgrade to Windows 10.You can also windows 10 benefits.

I have seen many people telling that Windows 7 is still the best and even though I too believed this fact, but as soon as I dug up all this info, I proved myself wrong. These reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 are the best and I have sorted them out for you to make yourself believe this fact.Here you can also see some tricks and tips about windows 10.

why upgrade to windows 10


  • Speed

Just as the Windows 8.1 used to start up on my previous laptop, I used to calculate the amount of time it took to take me to the home screen. Roughly it took me about 8 to 10 seconds and as soon I upgraded to Windows 10, well, to be honest I saw the changes. People still love to admire this fact that Windows 8.1 is faster but folks, it is better to try out yourself if you just feel that I am not boasting it too much. However, things may vary from PC to PC, as some of them have huge amounts of data which takes up time to load, so the speed may also be affected. Rest, you will love Windows 10.if after running these steps you still feel your window is running slow then you must check out the best antivirus for windows 10 and scan pc with it.

  • A better browser

No more Internet Explorer for you to make fun of. No more lags and slow speed in browser as the previous browsers that you used would sometimes be quite slow and even on a good internet connection, all you had to do was waiting. But with the all new Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, things have gotten so much better as the browser which has now been introduced is quite better, faster and even more reliable as it exactly does all the work which you expect it to.I myself only used Chrome so far but with the Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge, I use Chrome for just Facebook or other sites. But for overall use, the Microsoft Edge is truly one of the best browsers and you will surely fall in love with the interface of this browser and all that it contains.If in case you faced the errorĀ Error 0x803F7001 in Windows 10

  • An App Store

Okay, so did Windows 7 have an app store which has antivirus apps? Apparently, no. But, Windows 10 does and it is so better that you will even forget the apps stores on your android or ios devices. If you are just missing those apps from your phones on your PC, then the Store of the Windows 10 will allow you to download all those apps which you want to keep on your computer and not only that but if you even would love to play games, then all you need to do is setup the Wild Tangent games in Windows 10 and download any games which you want to play. I used to play Asphalt 8 and Candy Crush Soda on the first days when I upgraded to Windows 10, and trust me, the experience which I got here was the best. The app store will contain all your favorite apps which you can download in a single click and the time to time updates also prove out to be the best for the App market and the apps which you have already installed in your PC, as every update brings new features to them.

  • An enhanced Personal Assistant

Most of the people are dependent on Siri or OK Google for doing some basic or even the advanced tasks with their phones, but when it comes to Windows 10, the company has taken full care of the users by providing us with Cortona, who is the personal assistant of Windows 10, and step by step, it will ask you for your details at start-up which results in more personalized responses and along with that, you can even ask it to play music for you, open the internet for you and search for anything which you ask for, provide you with quality info over everything which you want to hear and along with that, you can even ask it to do more or even open any app in your Windows 10 laptop or PC. The reason that it is enhanced so much is that it actually is made for all those people who are dependent on personal assistants of their devices for their daily tasks and in this case, well you will find Cortona to be a perfect substitute for Siri or OK Google.Here you can also check How to install windows 10 from usb on new pc

  • Regular Updates

Back when I was on Windows 7, I remember that I used to get some firmware updates which hardly did me any good and they came just once in a long while. But as soon as I switched to Windows 10, things began to change rapidly and so did the updates as Windows 10 brings the fastest updates than any other OS and every update is healthy for the running OS and carries every latest feature which you would love Windows 10 to have. You can even enroll yourself in the Beta program which enables you to enjoy every new feature before the other users can so that your experience gets quite better. You can even turnĀ on or off the automatic updates in your Windows 10 laptops and PCs in the Windows Update Settings. Rest, you will love every single update.